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Our Research Center

The Israeli Center for Applied Logotherapy (ICAL) aims to promote mental health and well-being by helping individuals find and pursue their life's purpose and meaning through logotherapy.

The Israeli Center for Applied Logotherapy (ICAL), inspired by the work of Prof. David Gutman, aims to promote the application of logotherapy. ICAL is committed to equipping professionals and therapists with tools and methodologies based on logotherapy and Viktor Frankl's principles.


We are committed to collaborating with educational and academic institutions and are currently promoting a cooperative agreement with two major universities in Israel.


The center's staff operates with a personal commitment to the values of logotherapy. Our curriculum is primarily designed for individuals with a master's degree, though those holding a bachelor's degree with substantial practical experience in therapeutic professions are also eligible to enroll.

The Team

Our team has extensive experience in applied work and application development. We are committed to fostering a community of learners, educators, and researchers, and to making information accessible to student researchers and anyone interested in the field.

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Dr. Dror Shaked 

Manager & Senior Facilitator & supervisor

Ph.D. in Social Psychology with a focus on "Meaning-Centered Mediation," applying Viktor Frankl's logotherapy to manage conflicts in relationships. Holds an M.A. in Behavioral Sciences. Expertise includes curriculum development, partnership development, and providing professional guidance and support.

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Sagit Shlomo

Manager & Senior Facilitator & Supervisor

doctorate. Candidate at Bar-Ilan University. MA degree in education and management from Tel Aviv University, graduated in group facilitation, researches meaning in life and existential philosophy, manages content and curriculum development, develops applications, tools and methods in logotherapy.


Dr.  Gilly Pelleg 

Senior Facilitator & Supervisor

Ph.D in Social Work from Tel Aviv University, academic lecturer. Social worker specializing in health with an emphasis on palliative care, logotherapy, trauma, and post-traumatic conditions - mental aspects. Guides and accompanies health professionals and advises patients in the field of palliative care.


Dr. Yael Wilchek-Aviad 

Senior Facilitator & Supervisor

PhD in criminology from Bar-Ilan University, senior lecturer at Ariel University, chairman of ethics and teaching committees in criminology. Specializes in drug therapy, DBT, personality disorders and leads logotherapy. Active in public health research, child development and abnormal behavior.


Dr. Roy Cohen

Senior Facilitator & Supervisor

 Ph.D. in Philosophy, an M.A. in Philosophy, and an LL.M with honors. An attorney, mediator, and multidisciplinary creator, he mentors at the Rotenberg Institute for Jewish Psychology and writes on philosophy, psychology, and Judaism, focusing on existential philosophy, logotherapy, and Jewish psychology.

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Senior Facilitator & Supervisor

Ph.D. in Education from the University of Haifa, with MA and BA with honors in Education from the same institution. Holds diplomas in Logotherapy, group facilitation, and positive psychology. Facilitates logotherapy for the elderly, leads meaning circles for women, and lectures at the University of Haifa.


Goli Argov

Senior Facilitator & Supervisor

Goli Argov has an M.A. degree in consulting and a B.A. degree. in sociology and philosophy from Bar Ilan University, a veteran coach and group manager specializing in change management, personal strength development and leadership. Expertise in logotherapy and existential philosophy, development of tools and methodologies, certification in resilience, emotional regulation and conflict management.


Gili Melech 

Consulting & Facilitation

Certified educational psychologist with an MA degree, and a BA degree in behavioral sciences (2018). Specializing in fostering meaning in the lives of parents, children and teenagers, personalized support programs, mental well-being and consulting for educational teams. Implementation of improvements and practices in educational psychology and the education system.

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Dr. Yanay Shaked  (M.D)

Consulting & Facilitation

Doctor of Medicine (MD) from Tel Aviv University (2020) and a master's degree in public medicine from the same institution. Specializes in surgical medicine, accompanies the center in the areas of health and promoting a healthy lifestyle, combines medical knowledge to improve physical well-being, improve the quality of life, and conduct research.


Michal Sodayee  (MA)

Consulting & Facilitation

Michal has an MA in Consulting and Organizational Development from Tel Aviv Academic College and a BA in Behavioral Sciences from Ariel University. Specializes in human resources, finding satisfaction and meaning in work, accompanies in the field of personal development in career, and in recruitment and media management positions.

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