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The Israeli Centre for Applied Logotherapy

Our vision is to promote and develop logotherapy applications, to help professionals and logotherapists develop tools and work methods based on logotherapy and Viktor Frankl's concept.

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About the ICAL

ICAL was established in Israel with the aim of promoting Victor's worldview, training new generations of logotherapists, offering support and guidance as well as spreading logotherapy and the existential analysis approach.

The Israeli Center for Applied Logotherapy (ICAL), inspired by the work of Prof. David Guttmann, a friend of Professor Viktor Frankl, who has been teaching, researching, training and consulting in logotherapy for many years. Prof. Guttmann wrote, edited and translated twenty books and published close to a hundred articles and research papers in professional journals.

The center offers training programs and professional workshops and works in collaboration with universities and other institutes, and accompanies professionals and helps them apply logotherapy in their work. In addition, and as part of the vision of spreading knowledge, ICAL manages the journal Logotherapy meaning in life, philosophy and application, and publishes articles and studies by many writers from Israel and the world.

Prof. David Guttmann
Viktor Emil Frankl

News & Events

Another training course on "meaning-centered mediation" has ended. The next cycle will open on August 10, 2024, 6 Zoom sessions. The training is intended for counselors and mediators, for the purpose of applying Viktor Frankl's logotherapy in managing conflicts in relationships.

Latest Publications

Our magazine - Blogotherpy

Logotherapy and meaning in life - philosophy and application

"Blogotherapy" is an online magazine focused on logotherapy, its philosophy, and applications, inspired by Viktor Frankl. Since 2017, it publishes academic articles, studies, a logotherapy lexicon, existentialism content, poetry, and more, aiming to share information with researchers, students, therapists, and interested audiences worldwide.

Blogotherapy Magazine - main content

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Frankel and Guttmann visiting Jerusalem

Professional Counseling Sessions

Our counseling sessions for individuals and couples are based on Viktor Frankl's logotherapy, emphasizing the pursuit of meaning in life. Meaning is achieved through cognitive, emotional and motivational components, which together form a triangulation framework. This framework is used to test the authenticity of specific meanings in life and to explore developmental changes in personal meanings.

In each meeting we delve into different areas of life through the logotherapeutic lens. As the sessions progress, the topics learned and practiced are integrated, leading to deep insights and the ability to apply these tools in the daily lives of the participants, adapted to their unique environment and fields. This process fosters a deeper understanding and application of logotherapy principles, and empowers people to discover and fulfill their unique goals.

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